Cboe Canada: ZEFI $1.67 -0.01
| FRA: Y6B €1.28 0.23
Cboe Canada: ZEFI $1.67 -0.01
| FRA: Y6B €1.28 0.23

Eliminate Methane Emissions
Safeguard Communities
Generate U.S. Carbon Offsets

Methane is at least 25 times more potent than carbon

Zefiro is solving a major industry problem by partnering with upstream energy stakeholders

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ZEFI Stock Quote

Cboe: ZEFI $1.67
Open: $1.67 Volume: 10,084
Day High: $1.70 Day Low: $1.670

The Orphaned Methane Problem and Zefiro's Solution to Solving It

There are millions of potential orphan methane sources (AOOGs) across 26 U.S. states as of 2020 in the form of defunct oil and gas well-heads. Leveraging decades of operational expertise, Zefiro is building a new toolkit to clean up air, land, and water impacted by methane leaks. The company has built a fully integrated operation to these environmental services via Corporate, Government and the Environmental Markets for emissions offsets. As an originator of high- quality U.S.-based methane offsets, Zefiro aims to lead the expansion that will drive even more capital into solving the orphan methane problem.

Investment Highlights

Exposure to a market that is experiencing significant growth.

Leverage to increasing carbon prices worldwide

Portfolio diversification; carbon has a low correlation to other asset classes

Carbon offsets will continue to be in high demand, given all the Net Zero commitments being made today.

Zefiro’s management team members led the formation of JP Morgan's carbon trading desk in 2008.

The Zefiro team has experience of pioneering methodologies for carbon projects and successfully executing and delivering high quality carbon offsets

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