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Our Process

Although each project is unique given the many variables of a given orphaned/abandoned oil well, Zefiro’s projects generally follow the six principal steps outlined below. Please note that certain proprietary methods and techniques cannot be disclosed publicly.

Project inquiries can be submitted to Zefiro through the Contact Us page.

1. Project Setup
In order to generate carbon offsets, Zefiro first measures pre-plugging emissions and prepares a Project Design Document (“PDD”) that includes baseline emissions, project boundaries, and a description of the project activity.

2. Engage Third-Party Verifying/Validating Body
For each project, Zefiro engages a licensed third-party Verifying/Validating Body (“VVB”) to audit and certify that the project meets all applicable methodology criteria for issuance of offsets. The VVB will assess the PDD to confirm that the project, if executed properly, will bring about the specified reduction in emissions and be eligible for the relevant offsets.

3. Undertaking Well Decommissioning
Zefiro will prepare and plug each well to ensure that no emissions can escape. Afterward, all physical equipment will be removed, and the crew will perform reclamation of the site of the wellbore. Zefiro utilizes advanced technologies to ensure wells are plugged suitably and efficiently in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

4. Final Emission Assessment
After the well is decommissioned, Zefiro will perform final assessments to ensure there are no leaks and that all deliverables in the PDD have been satisfied.

5. Offset Issuance
After a complete review of the PDD and a site visit by the VVB, the applicable standards organization issues the appropriate number of offsets. 

6. Offset Retirement
Holders of offsets must “retire” (remove from circulation) their offsets in order to use them and claim their associated greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reductions towards a GHG reduction or net zero goal. Retirement occurs according to a process specified by each program’s registry. Once an offset is retired, it cannot be transferred or used again for additional environmental claims.

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