Cboe Canada: ZEFI $1.67 -0.01
| FRA: Y6B €1.28 0.23
Cboe Canada: ZEFI $1.67 -0.01
| FRA: Y6B €1.28 0.23

Environmental Impact


Of Potential Orphan Methane Sources across 26 states as of 2020

280 to 500 Million

Tons of CO2 equivalent offset potential

USD $400-$600 Billion

To fix the current problem (Current Federal Government funding covers ~1%)

There are millions of potential orphan methane sources (AOOGs) across 26 U.S. states as of 2020 in the form of defunct oil and gas well-heads. With each well producing approximately 78 cubic metres of methane emissions per year, plugging leaky wells could capture as much as 23 million tons of CO2 equivalent annually. However, to plug every known AOOG well in the United States could cost upwards of USD $600 billion.

Zefiro is building a new toolkit to clean up air, land, and water impacted by methane leaks. The company has built a fully integrated operation to these environmental services via Corporate, Government, and the Environmental Markets for emissions offsets. As an originator of high-quality U.S.-based methane offsets, Zefiro aims to lead the expansion that will drive even more capital into solving the orphan methane problem.

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