Cboe Canada: ZEFI $1.69 -0.01
| FRA: Y6B €1.01 -0.24
Cboe Canada: ZEFI $1.69 -0.01
| FRA: Y6B €1.01 -0.24


Zefiro Methane Provides Investors with Access to a Rapidly Growing Global ESG Market

Global consciousness of emissions and sustainability continues to grow in light of ever-evolving changes to the earth’s climate and ecosystem. As corporations and institutions around the world seek to neutralize their emissions through offsets, demand for such instruments is now at an unprecedented level.

Zefiro Methane has Three Primary Revenue Streams:

1. Methane Testing, Quantification, and Monitoring

2. Asset Retirement and Methane Abatement

3. Carbon Offset Generation

Led by management to include the former carbon credit team at J.P. Morgan, Zefiro is strategically capitalizing on the opportunity to plug and abate methane from more than 4 million orphaned and abandoned oil wells in the United States.

To learn more, you can click here to view Zefiro’s current investor presentation. You can also contact Zefiro’s Investor Relations department by clicking here.

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